A Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College graduate is a complete and well equipped professional who is all geared up to work in any environment. The Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College graduate will have the benefit of a special Placement Guidance Cell, instituted by the college to ensure justice to his/her potential. Now a day, with lawyers being an inseparable part of the corporate world, Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College is looking forward to tap this market.
The college is also keen on providing a tailor made programme for each student according to his/her talents and intelligence. The faculties and Legal Interface Committee continuously work on the job profiles of the students and seek to have them placed in various law firms as practicing advocates, solicitors and as legal officers in corporate sectors.

Career Prospects :

1. Law is a facility that discriminates the human race from the other beastly creature. It gives the students wide range of career options in the modern complicated social set up. The need is exclusively felt in corporate world. Day by day the span of work in terms of practice is widening with unbelievable rapidity. Lawyers can offer their legal counsels even from their houses to make their clients to show off the legal hazards, problems, etc. In work field, domestic circuit, business, ownership flat or tenant, education etc deception or exploitation is going on and people are getting exasperated beyond measures. In the present scenario legal education and practice can earn honour, satisfaction, money and high social recognition and status.

2. In the framework of to-days world law plays an absolutely decisive role in every station of life whether in corporate world, govt. sector, private litigation and what not. The speedy and complicated texture of modern life provides ample scope of career choices. Some important thrilling career options are open to the law graduates.

Law Practice in Court

Direct Entry to Judicial Service

Tax Consultants

Legal adviser in Corporate Sector

Banking and Insurance Sector

Associated with Law Firms

Legal process outsourcing (L.P.O.)

Law officers with NGOs

Legislative Draftsman

Teaching in Law Universities and Colleges

Legal consultant in Defence