Our Mission

Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College

Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College shall endeavour to promote its mission of –

  •   Imparting instructions in advanced learning Law and Legal Processes.
  •   Developing professional skill and competence in Law and Legal Profession.
  •   Encouraging research in its attempt to find out new truths and relationship amongst existing truths.
  •   Disseminating knowledge of Law in the Society.
  •   Evolving Legal education on socially relevant basis.
  •   Instilling professional ethics.
  •   Inducting a sense of social and professional responsibility.
  •   Helping the State Administration in good governance.
  •   Encouraging the necessity of obeying the Rule of Law.
  •   Instilling a scientific insight into the pupils so that they can make a comparative analysis of Laws prevalent in all countries.
  •   Instilling the sense of respect for the rich cultural heritage of the nation.
  •   Changing the concept “Why Law” to “Why not Law”.

Our Vision

Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College

The College believes in the principle that a temple of learning stands for Humanism, Tolerance, Democracy and Values and the implementation of which is necessary for progress of human beings. It also believes in the principle that the primary task of a temple of learning is to destroy mental slum and create a human resource which will be burning with scientific insight and, at the same time, will be ready to dedicate its energy and knowledge to the service of humanity. Accordingly, the College will be conducting lectures on basic Indian Culture, so that, apart from becoming a trained lawyer, the pupils can develop a faith in the rich cultural heritage of our Nation and understand the import of the philosophy propounded by Swami Vivekananda that one who lives for others is alone alive: those live for themselves are more dead than alive.