Late Padmasree Professor Ramaranjan Mukherji

Founder President, Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Samity

Founder President, Board of Governors of Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College.

Former Chancellor of Tirupati UniversityFormer Vice - Chancellor, Bardwan and Rabindrabharati University.

Former President, Association of Indian Universities

I am glad to learn that Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College is going to start its activities from the academic session 2008-09. Established through the efforts of a band of dedicated social activists, Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College has for its objective production of graduates in diverse branches of Juridical Sciences, having not only a deep penetration into their chosen disciplines but also burning with a zeal to serve the nation so that a better society can be ushered in. The Institution is fortunate in receiving support of a number of Jurists and Legal luminaries who had been associated with Universities imparting instructions in Juridical Sciences for a long time, and it is hoped that the advice received from them will enable the College to march ahead on its road to fulfilment and emerge as a centre of excellence in the field of Legal studies in the State. I take great pleasure in welcoming the new Law College to the academic scenario of West Bengal and wish it all success in its future journey to fulfilment.

Director’s Message

Law is an instrument change. It has a dynamic role and character to play for conduct of social-economic affairs and the relations of the community at large. Law must serserve men’s interest and ensure public welfare. Our constitution enjoins establishment of a social equality and equal justice – social, economic and political – to all. Lawyers and law graduates have, therefore, a significant role to play in this new set-up of India’s specialist, secular and democratic Republic. They must deeply study the democratic society, its stream of life, its laws and measures for improving the legal forms and legal system. But it is a matter of deep and profound regret that there is dearth of good and capable Lawyers who are also jurists endowed with the spirit of research and wedded to uphold the constitution as true champion of liberty. The lawyer’s technical knowledge will supply the tools but it is his sense of responsibility for the society in which he lives that must inspire him to be a jurist as well as a lawyer. It is unfortunate that lawyers, to-day, seem to have ceased to be fighters of law and liberty, although their foremost duty is to uphold the dignity and majesty of socio-economic laws in order to establish an equal society. I am happy to say that this Law College has committed itself to produce a band of good and competent law graduates for legal profession as well as other legal services who would make every endeavour to protect the dignity and decorum of the judiciary and respective institutions and would also play a key role in building up to of a just society and maintaining constitutional order. I am confident that the enlightened management and well-qualified members of the Faculty will leave no stone unturned, with the active and positive co-operation and participation by the students in every college activity, to transform this college into a centre of excellence with a short period of time. I would, therefore, invite the intending candidates to join this college and feel for themselves the difference. Last but not the least I welcome all with my good wishes, love and blessings. Let the sun shine very bright for ALL OF US.